Day 38 – Write Something Silly

Scene: the court of Elizabeth I

A Lady:
By my troth, Rebecca, regard her backside.
It is quite broad.
She appears like one of those musician’s mistresses.
But, verily, who can make out their speech?
They only court her because she dresses like a lady of ill repute.
I daresay, her backside is so uncannily large.
I can scarce believe its rotundity! It’s – I mean – regard it!

Lord Mix-a-Lot:
I enjoy shapely women and I cannot lie,
My kinsmen cannot deny,
When a lady enters with her corset tight,
And her ankles all in sight,
You get aroused! Unsheathe your sword,
If thou art a manly lord,
When you see the gown she’s wearing,
Her bustle hath got you staring,
Oh, lady, I wish we were alone,
So I could write you a poem,
I know I should cool my head,
But I won’t stop till we are betrothed,
Ooh, skin of alabaster,
You wish to ride in my carriage?
Well lay me, slay me,
Because you are the rarest lady.
I’ve seen them dancing,
No need for romancing,
She’s sweet, meet,
And very light on her feet.
I tire of proper ladies,
Hiding their backsides dainty,
Take a proper gentleman and and ask him,
She cannot be thin!
So, gentles? (Yea!) Gentles? (Yea!)
Does your lady have the rump? (Indeed!)
Tell her to carouse! (Carouse!) Carouse! (Carouse!)
Revel with that shapely rump!
My lady hath back!

Day 38 – Write Something Silly

Day 37 – Write a Reminder

I’ve had a very busy weekend with the theatre company Christi and I are launching together. We recently posted auditions and have been scheduling people to come in for what feels like three straight days. It’s a lot of work but it’s very exciting, so today I thought I’d share a quote about theatre that really speaks to me. Please forgive the fact that it’s a quote from Doctor Who:

“The theater is magic, isn’t it? You can stand on this stage saying the right words with the right emphasis at the right time. You can make men weep or cry with joy. You can change them – you can change people’s minds just with words in this place.”

Day 37 – Write a Reminder

Day 36 – Write Something Positive

Last night my roommate Christi and I decided we were in the mood to watch a scary movie. After quickly googling “Best Scary Movies Streaming on Netflix 2015” we decided to watch The Babadook, written and directed by Jennifer Kent.

The movie was amazing.

First of all, it was very, very scary. It’s about a widow raising a  young son who’s obsessed with the idea of protecting his mother from a monster. She thinks he is just disobedient, until a children’s book called Mister Babadook appears in their home and she begins to realize the monster he is seeing is real.

The camera work in the film is artful. I know it sounds pretentious to talk about things like ‘the composition of the shots,’ but they were so thoughtfully done and visually stunning that I have to mention them. They also made me afraid of nothing. One shot in particular, where the mother (Amelia) is reaching up onto the top of the fridge made me jump even though nothing happened. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where the camera work alone elicited a real emotion from me.

The themes in the movie also kept Christi and me talking for a long time. The Babadook is a real monster in the world of the film, but also a very real metaphor about grief. The Babadook gets stronger if its ignored, and you can never get rid of it. It gets inside you and makes you do horrible things. It makes you say and do things you normally never would. The movie blurs the line between being a horror film and a tragic film about a woman crumpling under the grief of losing her husband.

There were also motifs that kept returning. I know, I know, pretentious. But it was so cool. There were call backs to knocking, magic, elderly people, flowers, and insects. Every time one of them was referenced it was so subtle and artful that I couldn’t articulate how blown away I was. I felt like a cartoon character with “!!!” over my head because I couldn’t think of anything to say.

And because the movie was so beautifully done, even though it was scary, neither Christi nor I went to bed afraid. There were parts that I watched through my fingers because I’m a big ol’ baby, but the horror was not the point of the movie. It helped the movie along.

[Soapbox] Also, I’m all about works that were created by women, especially in the film industry. The gender of the writer/director of this movie has no effect on the fact that the movie was amazing, but I do love that something this gorgeous was created by a woman and also received critical acclaim [End Soapbox].

So if you’re looking for something scary, I cannot recommend this film enough. Even if you’re not into scary movies, I would recommend it. I don’t want to spoil anything that happens, but it is so, so worth watching.

Although I will say that Christi and I are a little more aware of the cat staring at nothing today.

Day 36 – Write Something Positive

Day 35 – Write About Hypocrisy

Chicago Weather Conversations:

November: “How is it cold already?! We didn’t even get a real summer! I hate this city.”

December: “It’s so cold. I didn’t think it was possible to be this cold.”

January: “This is the coldest I have ever been and I’ll never be warm again.”

February: “What is the point of living when it’s this cold?”

March: “It got warmer! Wait…no, it’s snowing. But it’s in the forties now! Wait, no. Now it’s a blizzard. Can’t it just be summer?!”

April-June: “I’m so ready for it to be warm, I can’t believe I’m still wearing a jacket, this is bullshit! It was the coldest winter ever and now we’re not even getting summer!”


August: “Hot. Hot. Hot. Why is it so hot? My elbows are sweating.”

September: “I’m so ready for cold weather and pumpkin spice.”


Novmeber: “How is it cold already?! We didn’t even get a real summer! I hate this city.”

Day 35 – Write About Hypocrisy

Day 34 – Write Instructions

Thank you for ordering your Bro-ginner kit! This box contains everything you need to change from a skinny little nerd boy into a beer-drinking, cat-calling, business-majoring Bro! Included are three pairs of shorts that will hit you just above the knee and fit snugly around your crotch, but still somehow sag enough to require a belt. The shorts come in salmon, lime green, and navy with little embroidered anchors. The belt is included and it’s reversible – it can be brown or navy blue depending on which color boat shoes you’re wearing. Also included in your Bro-ginner kit are a pair of plastic off-brand Ray-bans with a strap on the back so you don’t lose them while you’re doing keg stands.

To complete your look, the Bro-ginner kit comes with a dull razor so you can get that not-quite-a-beard, not-quite-clean-shaven look just right. There’s also a three-pack of Axe Body Spray so everyone in a fifteen-foot radius will know you’re a sex god. In case anyone was doubting your animal magnetism, though, we’ve included a velcro wallet stuffed with Trojans.

We’ve also included two tickets to the Dave Matthews Band tour and a suspicious-looking cigarette that might be cloves and might be weed. The choice is yours. You’ll also find a voucher for a case of Natural Light redeemable at your closest Wal-Mart.

Sense of entitlement not included.

Day 34 – Write Instructions

Day 33 – Write an Apology

Quick note to everyone reading this (whatup Aunty Lisa and Christina), I’m realizing it was overly ambitious of me to try and do this every day. I have a full time job, I’m going to be re-taking the GRE, I’m trying to get in shape, and my production of Twelfth Night is starting to get underway. All exciting things, but suddenly I’m trying to cram two days worth of stuff in every day. So I will write things here whenever I can and hopefully it will be often. But 365 consecutive days is just plain not going to happen.

Here’s a picture of what’s keeping me sane:



Day 33 – Write an Apology

Day 32 – Write About Goals

I just got back from seeing Aziz Ansari on his book tour. I’m pretty tired and can’t come up with anything clever to say. Seeing him and reading his book and books by people like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling just really makes me wish I had the balls to get more into comedy. I might try to write a stand up set…we’ll see. If I do, you can expect to see a lot more jokes here.

Hopefully I’ll have something better tomorrow. For now I’m going to go to bed and dream about all the things I would do if I was famous.

Day 32 – Write About Goals